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Equestria Girls by ALittleRiddle Equestria Girls by ALittleRiddle

EDIT:  I am so done with the comments so I just disabled them. 

After seeing the leaked pictures of the "Equestria Girls" I just HAD to- HAD to- redraw them. I tried my best to fit the style that was in the pictures. Below I will explain why I did what I did for each character, and yes their will be more of theses added later on.
From left to right;

Rainbow Dash; I always imaged her being tan- if ya going to spend that much time out in the sun flying{I guess in this case running/racing?} then ya going to have a tan. Her bracelets and socks are based off of the original image, gave her some tennis shoes because it makes sense to run in running shoes than heels/converses/boots/etc. And her outfit{the shirts and leggings} is just what I think I or anybody would wear to gym, or to go for a run, etc.
Ofc I gave her an athletic kinda body, but more...lean. Or whatnot.

Rarity; I made her pale for a reason, not just because she has a white coat as a pony but because I image her staying indoors more often then other ponies. I think she would already be pretty light skinned, but because she spends more time in her boutique, she's gotten more pale. Her outfit is strongly based off of this:…
Gave her an hourglass shape because why not. o3o

Twilight Sparkle; I knew I wanted Twilight to be more darker in skin color, but when I saw this{…} I had to base her off that. I'm not to pleased with her outfit, I just based it off what most peeps draw her in{sweater vests, skirts, etc.} may change later if it bothers me.
Gave Twilight here a bit of an hourglass shape as well- I was going for a pear shape tho.

Pinkie Pie; I always imaged her being white and having a long-ish frilly or such dress. I mainly just based her outfit off of the original image- I am having a love/hate relationship with the colors I put on her tho. May change it laterz. Gave her tennis shoes because she is always running around being Pinkie Pie, and it is easier to run in running shoes than heels or boots or whathaveyou.
I didn't make Pinkie as plump as I wanted her to be- it's hard to make a beautiful plump gal drawing in a different style that is suppose to drawn with a skinny arse body type. Either way it's good for now. o3o

Updated, added:
Applejack; HEHEH I WENT FRECKLE OVERBOARD. Since she is a working gal I thought it only made sense to give her some reasonable working clothes. Plus since she would be outside a whole lot working, so I gave her a nice tan. Actually her skin color and freckles are based of my mama~ And to add to that, her clothes are based of an outfit I would wear to go out to work. Gave her an athletic body, and that's about all.

Fluttershy; I image Fluttershy being tall, skinny and a bit lanky. As well pictured her having a light-ish tan.

Trixie; Her clothes and everything is highly based of the original image- or this image at least{…}

Princess Celestia; It only made sense to make her tan. I mean come on she raises the sun- sun + skin = tan.{Unless you are like me and have fair or pale arse skin- then you burn in the sun.} Her shoes, crown, necklace and sun belt are based off of her pony self's crown, cutie mark, etc. Her outfit is based of a cosplay I saw in a VA panel on YT. And I made her hourglass shaped because why not. o3o

Princess Luna; I was gonna give her a princess dress, but then I said screw it and gave her some comfortable clothes. o3o
I was originally gonna maker her pale, but I forgot. Tbh I like the skin color I put on her, it's different from what most peeps make her. Which is pale or a tan-ish color like how I made Celestia here. Idk I may make another version of her with pale skin and see which one I prefer better.
*EDIT: Alright so I edited to make her pale. I liked both versions to be honest, but a few of my friends said it doesn't make sense for her to be so dark and then her sister, Celestia, to be tan and all. SO YEA.

Maybeh more human ponies will be added laterz.

Art (c) ALittleRiddle
MLP; FiM (c) Hasbro
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