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July 11, 2012
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"Are you almost done?"
The two mocha furred werecat sisters stood in the dimly lit shower room; the oldest standing in one of the showers, messing with the shower head. The youngest standing right outside, nervously waiting.
"Oh, don't have a kitten Hissary. I'll be finished in a minute!" Purrfecta hissed with clenched jaws, wishing her sister would stop worrying and shut up. " is this going to work again?" Hissary asked, twirling her tail around her hands. Purrfecta sighed, looked at her sister and said, "I told you, I am rigging the shower head so that way it sprays a pink dye on Seraphina." The younger werecat still looked nervous. "Right..."
Out of ear shot, an one eyed ghoul, with an leafy attire was listening in.
"Oh my, I will have to tell this Seraphina about this!"

"Thank you so much, dear." The Aria said, she along with a out-of-place ghoul stood in the doorway to the dimly lit ghoul's shower room.
"Oh, you are so welcomed! I wouldn't want that happening to me, so I just had to tell you!" The one eyed ghoul stated, showing her emotion with hand gestures. "Well, I must be heading off. It was a pleasure meeting you though!" The out-of-place ghoul waved goodbye, heading off to the exit of the huge gymnasium. Seraphina smirked, watching the clueless ghoul; the Aria then turned around and walked into the shower room, her sly smirk still rested upon her face.

In the hot, dimly lit gymnasium, Purrfecta and Hissary impatiently waited on the bleachers; flicking both their tails in excitement and nerves. "I hope this goes well..." Hissary whispered in her older siblings ear.
"Of course this will go well!" Purrfecta whispered back, a confident purr slipped her tongue. Hissary smiled under her older sisters confidence, even though she felt the exact opposite. The werecats sisters suddenly snapped their heads to the sound of someone exited the ghoul's shower room. Both their jaws dropped when they saw a not dyed Seraphina.
"But how--!?" Purrfecta gasped, before a newcomer marched into the gymnasium, the latest Gory Gazette clenched in her hand.
"H-how dare you?" The younger Aria said quietly, hovering  up to Seraphina; her teal eyes soon burst with anger. "HOW DARE YOU?!" She flapped her hole filled wings, still hovering off the ground to her seemingly elder sister's height. "Just because you're big, doesn't mean you get to be a bully! You may have sharp teeth, and long claws, and evil running in your vains, but you DO NOT, I REPEAT, YOU DO NOT. HURT. OTHER. PEOPLE." She held up the newspaper article about Hissary before crumbling it up in anger. "Like this. I am ashamed, Seraphina Jarek Gwenillan. You should know better after this long, sister. What have you got to say for yourself, missy?" She asked, an eyebrow raised and her hands on her hips. Seraphina was taken aback,  she started to stutter. "But--what, I mean--Malvolia!"
The younger Aria -- Malvolia -- crossed her arms, "Well?" She asked, expecting an answer.
Seraphina looked at her shoes, at a loss of words and out of just plain embarrassment. Her YOUNGER sister had just talked to her like she was their mom.
"If you don't have an answer, I expect you know what you've done by now," Malvolia said. "I know mum would be proud right about now, but I know Grandma wouldn't." Seraphina flinched at the mention of their Grandmother. "Go clear the rumours right now if you have any dignity left."
Seraphina glared weakly, her face having an expression that showed off her embarrassment. "Fine," She sighed.
"Now," Malvolia stated. "NOW, SERAPHINA. I CAN ONLY TRUST YOU NOW."
Seraphina growled, muttering something under her breath before exiting the gym to clear what she had done wrong.
"What just happened?"
" I know Monster High would probably be accepting to bisexuals and homosexuals, "Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster."
What if that was one thing Monster High was normal about? The fact some people, or monsters, can't accept gays and bisexuals?
I'm sure they wouldn't care about others sexuality...but what if someone's sexuality was brought into the spotlight? That is where the story begins here, a closet gay, Hissary, sexuality is brought into the limelight, where others question, make fun, and just provoke her asking if this said rumor is true?
is it? "

Another chapter to Impurrfections! Took long enough. XD
Main Characters;
:bulletyellow: Seraphina
:bulletred: Maddy
Hope everyone enjoys this, && PLEASE, do critique! Tell me the mistakes! Tell me what you think! Tell me your ideas on how to improve it!
Any, if not all, help is very much appreciated! :love:
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Maryritai Jul 11, 2012  Student General Artist
Do you ever read over the story?
I spot many grammatical mistakes.
I'm not good with grammer, && I do read over the story. Like I said I am not good with grammer. ""OTL
Maryritai Jul 11, 2012  Student General Artist
I see one point that DOES not make complete sense.
It's one where she's like "Mom blah blah Grandma blah blah"
You can blame Maddy for that, she wrote that part.
Maryritai Jul 11, 2012  Student General Artist
She doesn't have a dA page -_-
Maryritai Jul 11, 2012  Student General Artist
Did you fix it?
*slaps face*

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iEatIdiots Jul 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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